Simon Marquis

Senior Android Engineer

  • 👨 years old
  • 🌐 French
  • 🚗 Driving license

🏢 Work Experience

Jan. 2022 - Now Senior Android Engineer @ leboncoin
Core Team
  • Developer experience (DX)
  • Build infrastructure
  • Tooling
Feb. 2020 - Dec. 2021 Android Engineer @ leboncoin
Maps Feature Team
Build the new Maps experience from scratch.
Enable searching for an accomodation directly from a map.
Strong focus on ease of use and also look & feel.
Nov. 2013 - Oct. 2019 Lead Android developer and Lead Mobile team @ SightCall
Lead the Android refactor of SightCall's internal SDK
  • API rewrite with a strong focus on readability, modularity and performance
  • Complete Javadoc documentation and detailed How-To guides
  • Publish the library on a self hosted Maven repository through Amazon S3
  • Create a full-featured utility app to simplify QA tasks
Strong focus on R&D
  • Create a Google Glass proof-of-concept with voice control, QRCode, etc.
  • Full support for most wearable devices (Google Glass, Vuzix, RealWear, …)
  • Enable support for external USB cameras
  • Set up a private internal app store with dedicated QA apps
  • Develop a live AR measurement tool using ARCore
Lead the Android Universal projects (SDKs & APPs)
  • High level SDK to minimize the effort needed from third-party developers
  • Live video feed, share video clips and photos, draw annotations, deeplink, …
  • Picture-in-Picture mode: live video overlay on top of other apps
  • Screen mirroring, even when the app is not in foreground
  • Develop and publish multiple apps implementing this SDK
Methodologies and practices
  • Heavy use of Gradle and bash scripts to reduce build time and updates
  • Automated build processes and test suites with Jenkins
  • Uploads on Google Drive and email notifications for each release build
  • Project and API versioning using gitflow and semver
Apr. - Sept. 2013 Android and Java EE developer @ ATOS INTEGRATION
Design and development of an Android app in the healthcare field.
Build a data import tool in Java EE.
Jun. - Aug. 2011 Web developer @ PETITJEAN SAS
Development of a price comparison tool for
Creation of 2 Android apps linked to and
Jun. - Aug. 2012 Web and Android developer @ VEGA COMMUNICATION
Development of an online solution for a free magazine: 100% Vosges.
Design and creation of an Android app, and improvements to the Back Office.
Apr. 2010 Engineering Office Assistant @ ENERGIES HAUTES VOSGES
Consulting firm for networking grids, phones, etc.

👨‍💻 Personal Projects

2013 - Now Open Source Projects

📚 Education

2010 - 2013 TELECOM Nancy @ Villers-lès-Nancy
Engineering school in Information Technology
  • 2012 - 2013Project leader - 4 persons
    Application to record and broadcast meetings
  • 2012Interdisciplinary Project
    Cloud deployments with PaaS
2008 - 2010 ESSTIN @ Villers-lès-Nancy
Engineering school - Preparatory cycle

🏆 Distinctions

Mar. 2015 Mobile Premier Awards
Finalist of the largest cross-platform app showcase in the mobile industry, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Dec. 2014 AppCircus Paris
Out of the 9 android apps pitched live at Institut Mines-Telecom in Paris, the Paper Airplanes app got all the attention from the jury and the audience.
Mar. 2013 Android Game challenge
Winner of the competition organized by Télécom Saint-Etienne, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and SQLI.

🧮 Miscellaneous

    Languages: Java Kotlin JNI / NDK JavaScript Bash
    Tools & platforms: git GitHub / GitLab JIRA Firebase AndroidX ARCore
    CI/CD: Travis CI GitHub Actions Jenkins
    Indoor & outdoor climbing
    Ski touring
    French: Native
    English: Fluent
    TOEIC 815 pts in 2010